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SPLIT launches 16 May!

It's getting close and I am so excited to be sharing my journey of healing to encourage and inspire others.  You can pre-order your copy of SPLIT here.

Here is just a snippet of what is being said about SPLIT:

A rare and fascinating journey into the origin and turmoil of

living with Multiple Personality Disorder.

Michelle Tom, 10,000 Aftershocks

This is a story not only of survival but of self-acceptance, of the triumph to simply live.  You will not read another book like it.
Alan Close, Before You Met Me

It is at times a harrowing read, but then if it was not there would be inspiration, no 'rising above' - the valuable gift that real-life accounts such as this have to offer us.

Dr George Blair-West, Psychiatrist and author,
The Girl in the Green Dress


Thanks for stopping by!

Things are changing! Soon I'll be listing where I'm sharing about mental health and wholeness.  Maybe you have a group that would like me to share my story and how we can all do our part for acceptance and change.  Watch this space for advance notice on all things SPLIT.  Or better yet, sign up for my newsletter to get all the advance news!

Approximately 1.5% of the population internationally has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.

The Richell Prize 2022 Long List

The Richell Prize is one of those awards that every emerging writer dreams of, and notably the most prestigious recognition of a manuscript in development in Australia. It is an acknowledgment of the effort and commitment that is required to produce a truly quality story.  I was delighted and honored to have been long-listed in 2022 for my manuscript, Postcards From Home (now retitled SPLIT).  As an emerging writer, it was an affirmation of the time and effort spent carefully crafting my manuscript, and making it a reality. 

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