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I’m Maggie, and this is a website where I communicate about what’s going on in my writing world.  I’m still pretty new at this, so there is a lot for me to wrap my head around!  But I hope that this website will be where you can learn about not just my writing journey, but about how what I write demystifies the world of MPD, complex PTSD, and everything that goes along with that.  Mental health continues to be a significant problem in our world, and people are marginalized because their (our) struggles are misunderstood. 

My writing is about the ups and downs and trials of living with MPD, and in the end, the hope that I have found on my journey.  I’m excited to say that my debut book, SPLIT: a life shared, living with Multiple Personality Disorder, is scheduled for publication in mid-2024.  Nervous?  Excited? You betcha!  

In the meantime, get to know me through some of these pages, and sign up for my only occasional, when there is really important news to share email (link below). 


The Richell Prize 2022 Long List

The Richell Prize is one of those awards that every emerging writer dreams of, and notably the most prestigious recognition of a manuscript in development in Australia. It is an acknowledgment of the effort and commitment that is required to produce a truly quality story.  I was delighted and honored to have been long-listed in 2022 for my manuscript, Postcards From Home (now retitled Split).  As an emerging writer, it was an affirmation of the time and effort that have gone into making my manuscript a reality.  

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