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Welcome!  I'm Maggie. My memoir is called SPLIT.  It's all about breaking down the stigmas around mental health and helping to educate and inform wonderful people like you!  Have a look around and let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear from you!

I'm heading off to Sydney and the Blue Mountains mid-June promoting SPLIT and talking about mental health and how we can all make a difference. I'll be doing a Sydney launch at Better Read Than Dead and speaking in the Blue Mountains as well.  Check out my On Tour page for all the details!

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What is being said about SPLIT ...

A rare and fascinating journey

into the origin and turmoil

of living with Multiple

Personality Disorder.
Michelle Tom, 10,000 Aftershocks

It is at times a harrowing read,

but then if it was not there would be no inspiration, no

'rising above' - the valuable gift that real-life accounts such as this have to offer us.

Dr George Blair-West, Psychiatrist and author, The Girl in The Green Dress

This is a story not only of survival but of self-acceptance, of the triumph to simply live.  You will not read another book like it.

Alan Close, Before You Met Me

SPLIT is a compelling read - brave. You have created an accessible and moving story out of the chaos and pain of complex trauma. I appreciate the beautiful structure! From the very beginning you establish trust with the reader - I felt in safe hands - no mean feat for any writer, let alone a story covering the topics you explore. 

-- Laurel Cohn, PhD
Teacher | Coach | Developmental Editor

Did you know SPLIT (previously entitled Postcards From Home) was long listed for the prestigious Richelle Prize in 2022?

Approximately 1.5% of the population internationally has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.

Did you miss the launch of SPLIT? 

Here are just a few fun pics of our evenings festivities!

I am so excited to be sharing my journey of healing to encourage and inspire others.  Why not
order your copy of SPLIT here.

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